Turn Back The Clock! My St. Louis Trip!

To start this off, I want to thank Zack Hample for the idea of Turn Back The Clock entries. His entries are some of the most interesting ballhawking pieces I have personally ever read, so check him out! So this trip was 2010. I had just returned home from a amazing experience playing Travel Ball in Cooperstown NY. While my parents and I were in Cooperstown, my grandmother took my little sister and my 2 cousins on vacation  with her. She didn’t think it was fair for me to be left out, so she told me to plan a trip to anywhere I wanted to go. After careful deliberation, I chose St. Louis as my destination. I handled everything and bought the tickets for airlines and the hotel and then bought Cardinals tickets for June 15th, 2010. The day after the All-Star Break and they were playing the Dodgers. Now this was before I started ballhawking or really exploring stadiums. So all my pictures are from the same spot. My seat! First off, this is how I passed the time sitting at the gate at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. DSCF0619 I was 12, and a total goofball so…. yeah. Skipping ahead to some baseball! We drove down into town from the Ramada near the airport in St. Louis into town and were on our way to Busch Stadium! But, my grandma missed the exit and we ended up crossing the Mississippi River and having to turn around in Illinois! But soon enough we were parking at Busch. We were about 3 hours early because we were planning to walk about a mile or so to eat dinner at a interesting restaurant called Max and Erma’s. They let you scoop your ice cream out of a old bathtub. It was interesting to say the least. By the time we got done, it was about an hour and 15 minutes before game time. So we headed back to the stadium and I bought a Albert Pujols Flag t-shirt and a Cardinals hat (both of which I still own). Then we entered at the 3rd base gate near our car and jumped on an elevator to the upper deck. we went to our seats and I started snapping photos! DSCF0648 Most Beautiful Backdrop in baseball in my opinion. The arch over RCF is simply beautiful! DSCF0649   The calm before the storm. 41,000 Redbird fans packed Busch this night. DSCF0650   I was at a loss for words. It was too incredible. I didn’t get the full experience because I was too young. Maybe I’ll be back one day soon. DSCF0651   10-time World Series Champions at this time! DSCF0653   I couldn’t get enough! I’m so happy I took as many pictures as I did. DSCF0654   Starting pitchers that night: Clayton Kershaw vs. Chris Carpenter. A battle of Aces! Sadly, this would not be Kershaw’s best night. DSCF0656   The bullpen. It was a hot week while we were in St. Louis. I believe it was 94 degrees at gametime. DSCF0657   Until I saw this picture, I didn’t realize how shallow the Upper Deck was. Interesting! DSCF0663 (2) The Coca-Cola Pavilion. DSCF0665   As a 12 year old, I guess this was really cool to me because I took 11 pictures of it… DSCF0666   No idea who was getting a check, but 2 newly inducted Hall Of Fame managers are in this picture. Joe Torre and Tony “My Pitcher bats 8th” LaRussa. Ironically, Chris Carpenter batted 8th in this game. DSCF0672   The one and only time I’ve seen King Albert in action. He was one of my favorite players back then, and I took 38 pictures of just him! DSCF0673 As I said, not the best night for Clayton Kershaw. DSCF0691   I want this framed in my room. One of the best 1st basemen of my generation up against the best lefty in the past 5 years! DSCF0704   Our seats were right below the television press box. I was within feet of Bob Costas and Jim Kaat and was oblivious!!!!!!!! DSCF0715   James Loney! DSCF0735   Does it get any better than this? DSCF0699

I took this picture because my Braves were beating the Brew Crew. Little did I know that the pitcher for Quad Cities would be pitching in the big leagues in 2013 ! Shelby Miller was the starter for QC that night, as detailed at the bottom of the Out-Of-Town Scoreboard.


In the end, the Cardinals beat Kershaw and the Dodgers 8-1.

Here is the box score from Baseball Reference:

Box Score Cards-DodgersBox Score Cards-Dodgers 2Box SCore Cards-Dodgers 3

Thats all from St. Louis! I’ll leave you with 2 other pictures from the touristy things we did.

DSCF0790 (2)



The Clydesdales! at Grant’s Farm



Kinda Artsy-Fartsy!

Until next time!


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